When in the night resounds the drums, the nam of the Haitians vibrates…

But where did the loa gone ?

The gods of Guinea accompanied the blacks in the travel which tore away them from Africa.

They supported them in their fight for independence nearly 200 years ago.

The catholic church did not succeed in driving out them at the time of the campaign of rejected in the first part of XXth century.

Today, the american protestant sects eat the head of the Haitians and buy their roots.

The political instability and the embargo drives out youth towards the culture of the gangs of Florida…

But where did the loa gone ?

Are they gone back to Ife in Africa-Guinea ?

When in the night resounds the drum, the nam of Haitians vibrates…

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« C’est l’histoirede…
… Ti-Jean de l’île d’Ayiti »

The island of Ayiti

The painters of